Collecting Sex Dolls: the Growing Community of Enthusiasts

Watching the sex doll industry evolve has been a fascinating, remarkable journey. Barely a decade ago, would owning a sex doll have been considered highly unconventional, if not outright taboo. Skip back two or three decades, and owning a sex doll would have been mildly scandalous, even. The vast majority of people who owned sex dolls would do so in secret, rarely admitting to owning one.

These days, it is perfectly normal. There are still a few stereotypes attached to sex doll ownership, but for the most part, owning one is no less ‘odd’ than keeping a vibrator in the bedside drawer.

It has finally become quite normal – and rightly so.

Rise of the Sex Doll

You can see evidence of this everywhere. Two years ago, the industry was worth the best part of $400 million, which in itself is quite a staggering number. By the end of this year (2023), sales are expected to close at a gigantic $500 million. That’s a lot of sex dolls.

But there has been a huge tone shift with regard to owning these beautiful dolls, and now, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. No longer are they considered a ‘dirty secret,’ as people are increasingly beginning to talk about their sex dolls in a far more casual manner.

Again, there are obvious signs of this tone shift. Sex dolls are now far more widely available (no longer must you venture to a back-street alley to purchase a doll), with public exhibitions springing up each year and a range of online communities where thousands of people discuss sex doll ownership.

They even made a hit TV show about sex doll companionship, while there is also an emerging trend of sex doll influencers on mainstream social media channels.

Growing Phenomenon

But there is another side to silicone sex doll ownership that demonstrates further decreased stigma: the collectible sex doll community. Devotees are actually collecting desirable sex dolls these days, and not, as you might suspect, for their primary intimate function. Sex dolls are being collected for their artistry, craftsmanship, and the individual character each doll represents.

And when you think about it, why wouldn’t there be a growing community of enthusiasts? Just as many people collect vintage toys, stamps, or porcelain dolls, real love doll enthusiasts treasure the unique designs, beautifully crafted intricate details, and even the stories behind each creation.

As a result, there is even a growing community of sex doll collectors who proudly boast specific types of collections by known artists. It would have been unthinkable not very long ago, but thankfully, times are changing, and so are general perceptions: especially in the media.

The Media – Boosting the Rise of Sex Doll Enthusiasts

In recent years, both online and traditional print media has noticeably increased their coverage of the sex doll industry, dedicating more airtime and print space to the topic – mostly in a positive light.

More than any other aspect, the focus seems to relate to the striking realism that today’s sex dolls bring, especially those intended for close companionship.

Articles are being published about how lifelike sex dolls are, and morning TV shows have been discussing aspects of the growing sex doll industry. With AI integration becoming more advanced, the line between animate and inanimate is increasingly blurred, which has led to further media discourse – again, largely of the positive kind.

In turn, this wider exposure is helping to fuel the expanding community of sex doll enthusiasts and collectors.

The Craftsmanship behind Collectible Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have improved vastly, in comparison to the almost comical ‘blow up’ inflatable dolls of old, and so the focus these days is more on the incredible lifelike qualities of sex dolls.

However, the world of collectors has other interests in mind, with their attention shifted towards specific artists. Talented sculptors and creators are now stepping into the industry, crafting high-end figures that bear the mark of intricate, detailed, incredibly lifelike craftsmanship.